Welcome to Saplings 2018-19

This week's spellings 11.2.19 onwards

Ms Gilmartin's group are:

 scrap screech scrum street  strip spring sprung came gave asked 


Ms Calcott's group are:

tell bell kiss hiss huff puff you are me 


Mrs Blair's group are :

rose code joke hole home phone nose alone bone dome  


As part of mental health week we had a circle time on kind words, made a poster about getting good sleep and also went on a winter walk around our school grounds to gain more points for the Woodland Trust Green Tree School Award. We used iPads to take photos of nature from lots of different perspectives! Photos to follow....

Show and Tell 11.2.19 onwards

This week's 'Show and Tell' will be given by:



Tuesday- Lilabelle

Thursday- Leo

Friday-  Max


Noah's Journey

Ms Gilmartin, Ms Calcott and Mrs Bolton have completed their challenge of 70,000 steps each last week and we would like to thanks all those who have supported us by sponsorship or buying buns. 

Thank you all so very much!

Mathletics homework 


Hello everyone.

I hope you are enjoying the Mathletics activities. Recently I have changed the settings so that your child can only complete activities related to our present learning. I have also re-sent passwords on green cards or stuck inside reading records. Any problems please let me know!


Toys from the Past

Hello there! Next week we will be sketching the toys our grandparents and our parents played with. If you have any toys you would like to bring in to be displayed and looked after carefully, we would love to have them for a few weeks!


Here is the slide show shown at the Welcome to Saplings meeting at the start of term.


Hello from Ms Gilmartin!

Everyone has had a lovely first day in Saplings today. We have been getting to know our classroom and routines as well as doing a little bit of drawing in our new books. 

We are soon going to be sending your child home with some reading books to read at home, they will appear over the next few days. In Year 1 I would like the children to read as independently as possible, and they should be able to do this without struggling. If you feel your child is struggling, please make a comment in their new reading record. Take time to enjoy looking at the pictures first, then read and don't forget to ask your child questions about what they have read.

We use a national book band chart to record levels of our reading books that children take home. They start from lilac through to pink, red, yellow, blue, green and orange. The levels can be found on a little sticker on the spine of the book. We have a caterpillar poster in the reading area which shows the children these stages. They really enjoy seeing their progression in reading on the caterpillar!

Year 1 is the time when your child's reading really starts to take off so enjoy your reading together and please encourage your little ones as much as you can! 

Thank you so much,

Ms Gilmartin