Welcome to Saplings 2016-17

We are a class of 21 lovely boys and girls and we enjoy our learning very much! We are so enthusiastic about everything we do! 


We change reading books on Mondays and Fridays. Don't forget spellings for Monday and your spelling book! Mathletics homework is given on Tuesdays.




22.5.17 Ms Gilmartin's group 

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22.5.17 Mrs Judd's group


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Below is an overview of what we have done and will do this year. 

Its summer term and we are all getting ourselves ready to move into Great Oaks! Time goes by so quickly! We hope you are all well. Please have a look at what we are learning this summer term. We are planning a school trip and letter will be sent out shortly. We are also looking forward to welcoming a new member of Saplings!


We are reading Dr Dog at the moment and we love it!!! Please watch and listen to the story on You Tube.



Half of our class were chosen at random to enter the Year 1 Athletics Competition at Ryburn Valley High last Friday.  We all did fabulously well and enjoyed ourselves so much! We have some amazing athletes!!

Our superhero puppets!


Our current class target is to stop and listen quickly when asked. If we get all our leaves on our Sapling Tree, we will get a class treat!

This time the class treat is a pyjama day with a teddy and a film to watch in the afternoon.


We are memorising the poem, On the Ning Nang Nong, by Spike Milligan. Please practise at home.

March-April 2017: Our current topic is science and we are about spring and plants. 


27.3.17 Ms Gilmartin's group 

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27.3.17 Mrs Judd's group

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It was World Book Day last week! Thank you so much for dressing up and telling us all about your favourite books. We drew the front covers from our favourite books and made a poster about our favourite characters. We had so much fun!

In Saplings we are learning about non-fiction books. We are loving finding out about hedgehogs and hibernation...please ask us about it!


A few weeks ago we enjoyed Maths Week throughout the school. Saplings really loved the challenges of tricky maths work! We also exercised our fingers whilst doing maths activities to improve our brain power.....I think it has worked!!!!! We are all maths superstars!

Encourage your child to be a writer! The BBC is encouraging children to write a story of no more than 500 words. We also have a school version of this with prizes so please pass your finished stories to Ms. Gilmartin. We are finishing off our different versions of Hansel and Gretel at  the moment in class or your child can create a new one at home. Have a look at the BBC website!! Can you please type them up with your child so they can be submitted to our school competition.


Welcome back to Saplings and Happy New Year to you all!

Here is our learning for the spring term. Please also find our plans for the whole year.


Hello again! We have been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s recently. Here are links to songs we enjoy.


Follow this link to the 5s and 10s.

We also love our class mascots Anpanman and Baikinman. Their cartoon is on You Tube too. It's in Japanese but it's still very fun!



November was Science Week! We enjoyed learning about keeping our teeth healthy and clean as well as conducting simple experiments with vinegar. We cleaned coins and made volcanoes using a reaction between vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. Have a try at home!

Hello from Saplings Class!

Recently we have started to use a national book band chart to record levels of our reading books that children take home. They start from pink, then red, yellow, blue, green and orange. The levels can be found on a little ticker on the spine of the book. We have a caterpillar poster in class and in the learning zone which shows the children these stages. 

And a quick note about spellings...

We are continuing to do our spellings on Mondays as part of our daily phonics sessions. We are correcting our spellings on the spot so that it has more meaning for the children and is more immediate. They have the chance to write the spellings themselves and also to correct their mistakes. Please ask your child how well they are doing! They are all trying so hard with the new words they learn.

We are reading Percy the Park Keeper in class at the moment and we have Percy's Hut in our classroom. Sometimes Percy visits to put things in his special box!

Here is the phonics slide show and resources from our phonics evening last week. I really recommend PhonicsPlay as we use it a lot in class, expecially the Buried Treasure and the Obb and Bob games. They are free on PhonicsPlay.

Mathletics also has homework set on it for your children to access.

We start our new topic of castles this coming week for the next few weeks. Enjoy!

Hello from Saplings. Here is the information from our class meeting last night. 

Our current topic is science and we are learning about materials. In a few weeks we will learn about castles through non-fiction texts.

Welcome to Saplings!


We are busy enjoying our new class! Here is what we will be learning during the Autumn terms.