Welcome to Saplings 2017-18

We are a class of 31 lovely boys and girls and we have all made a brilliant start to our learning in Year 1!! 


NSPCC Sponsored Dance-a-thon!!!!

******We completed our dance-a-thon!!!!******

Sponsor money is to be brought in by November 7th please as the NSPCC will be in school to collect the money on the 8th. We made some amazing moves in the hall to some funky music!!

Welcome to Saplings!!

From this week we have a student teacher in Saplings. Her name is Miss Jessica Guerney. Her placement will last until December 16th. She will be involved with group work, 1:1 work and whole class teaching. You can meet her on the playground at drop-off and pick-up times. Welcome Miss Guerney!!


Just a word about homework....

Mathletics homework is set on the Mathletics website on Tuesdays. Spellings to practise at home will be given on Mondays. This coming Monday we will hand out new green spelling books. Please practise  the spellings with your child at home. They are linked to our phonics lessons in the coming week. Children will not be tested on the spellings but they will have lots of chances to write the words in phonics lessons.

We change reading books on Mondays and Fridays.    


Reading books: Please sign the reading record to say you have read with your child. We are encouraging your child to empty and pack their own bags. Please remind your child to take out any letters or books out of their bag in a morning.  We will remind them to pack their bags at the end of the day. We will endeavour to check that children have packed their books but if they haven't, please let us know.


Hello from Ms Gilmartin!

Everyone has settled in well to their new Year 1 style classroom. The children have been getting to know where things are and starting to get used to our new routines.

We are soon going to be sending your child home with some reading homework to practise sounding out and blending...as independently as they can please! Now that your children are in Year 1 I would like them to read as independently as possible, aiming to read their book, cards or letters fluently with only a few mistakes. Please take time to ask your child questions about their reading and practise at least twice.

Last year Ripponden started to use a national book band chart to record levels of our reading books that children take home. They start from lilac through to pink, red, yellow, blue, green and orange. The levels can be found on a little sticker on the spine of the book. We have a caterpillar poster in class and in the reading area which shows the children these stages. They really enjoy seeing their progression in reading on the caterpillar!

Year 1 is the time when your child's reading really starts to take off so enjoy your reading together and please encourage your little ones as much as you can! 

Thank you so much,

Ms Gilmartin


Our current class target is to come to the carpet quietly. If we get all our leaves on our Sapling Tree, we will get to bake castle-shaped biscuits!


We love the Big Number Song!

Please follow this link to find it on You Tube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0dJWfQHF8Y

Below is a review of what we will be learning in Autumn this year. Following it is a review of the whole year.


Here is the welcome presentation from Monday night's meeting. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. And please watch the video on 'Growth Mindset', it is fascinating! It clearly shows how our brains process new learning!





Growth Mindset Video