Curriculum Overview


***Click here to read our Curriculum Intent Statement***


 At Ripponden J and I School our curriculum is carefully designed to meet the requirements of the 2014 National Curriculum. In addition we aim to:

  • Provide an curriculum that gives our children opportunities to develop thinking skills  
  • Provide meaningful learning opportunities appropriate to age, interests and ability  
  • Instill an enjoyment of education and create lifelong learners  
  • Foster a culture of ‘growth mindset’ through challenge and engagement  
  • Give our children a deep and broad understanding of society and the world  
  • Ensure our children tare happy, fulfilled and resilient young people who believe that they can make a positive difference through their words and actions


Each class page has detailed information about what is being taught over the year as well as termly overviews. It is useful to keep up to date with what the children are learning - it may lead to interesting conversations over tea! On your child's class page you will also find useful links to spelling lists, questions to help reading comprehension  and other relevant curriculum support. Please try and find the time to have a look! 


We are hoping that your children have come home buzzing with excitement about their Maths lessons. As you will be aware from our newsletters, Maths information evening and open evenings we have a new approach to teaching Maths. It is based on the White Rose Mastery rationale and supports children to develop a deep understanding of the concepts of Maths alongside learning how to do things by rote. Maths lessons are stretching all our children as they are asked to use and apply their knowledge to a wide range of problem solving activities. We hope your children are enjoying learning Maths as much as the teachers are enjoying teaching it! 


Reading - A Plea!

Why is it important to read with and to your child?

  • It develops imagination and creativity
  • It supports problem solving and develops logical thinking
  • It has a huge impact on language skills (learning new words, understanding how sentences fit together, how to use tenses etc)
  • Understanding how language works has a huge impact on writing 
  • It develops concentration  
  • Reading well makes learning in other subjects easier  The more your child reads the more they'll know and the more they will want to find out! If you want any support on how to hear your child read and what strategies to use, please look on the class pages or come into school and have a chat with the class teacher.We offer a wide range of curriculum events over the course of the year and these are advertised in our newsletter. We understand that sometimes it is difficult to attend due to other commitments but the information is always shared on the website - so please don't miss out.

We are committed to working in partnership with our families as we know that working together ensures the very best outcomes for our children. Your presence at school events, including curriculum evenings, open evenings, musical and sporting events is very much appreciated and we are proud to have such a supportive community.