The National Curriculum

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Assessment in primary schools.

What are SATs?

SATs (Standard Assessment Tests) tests are given at the end of year 2, year 6 and year 9. They are used to show your child's progress compared with other children born in the same month. See below for more details.


What is the phonics screening check?
The phonics screening check is a short, light-touch assessment to confirm whether individual children have learnt phonic decoding to an appropriate standard. It will identify the children who need extra help so they are given support by their school to improve their reading skills. They will then be able to retake the check so that schools can track children until they are able to decode. The screening check is for all Year 1 pupils in maintained schools, academies and Free Schools - and children in Year 2 who previously did not meet the standard of the check in Year 1.

What is formative assessment?

Teachers and school leadership teams (SLT) assess children's progress continually and summarise their findings just before each half term holiday (This is called summative assessment) All the information is carefully studied to identify and plan for any interventions or additional tuition. Each class teacher has a detailed tracker representing their class and is able to discuss your child's progress in all subjects. 

End of KS1 tests
SATs take place in year 2 (at the end of infants) throughout May. Each child is teacher assessed in Reading, Writing (including spelling and handwriting), Maths (including number, shape, space and measurement) and Science. Your child's class teacher will set short pieces of work in English and maths to judge what level of ability your child is considered to be.


End of KS2 tests

SATs take place in May and are far more formal than Key Stage 1, hence they seem much more stressful! The tests which are taken in year 6 cover the three core subjects, English, Maths and Science. Some children may be assessed by teachers to see if they can reach higher levels. The papers are sent away to be marked with results being available before your child leaves primary school in July.