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Saplings' Home Learning

During the third national lockdown (January/February/March 2021), we are forced to move to remote learning. We are using Google Classroom as our platform to host work and have regular Google Meets.

You will need a log in for Google Classroom (your child brought one home in October) but if you have mislaid this, don't worry - just get in touch. 

The documents below will help with Google Classroom - there is a link to a parent guide youtube video, a parent's guide, a guide about how to submit work onto Google Classroom and also our Remote Learning Provision document. 

In Key Stage One (Year 1 and Year 2), there is an expectation that children will be working for around 3 hours on remote learning. 

The pattern for Saplings is as follows:

  • Daily phonics session through phonics play, youtube or another resource

  • Daily English session, resources are dependent on the activity, as Ms Gilmartin chooses

  • Daily maths session, usually through White Rose Maths resources, but we may change it occasionally

  • Daily foundation subject, again, dependent on what Ms Gilmartin is using

  • There will be a daily live Google Meet at 12.40pm plus an additional one on Monday afternoons at 2.15pm. As well as these set meeting times, there may be times where children are asked to logon to read 1:1 or work in small groups on a particular task - Ms Gilmartin will communicate specifically with parents in this case. 

As always, if you are unsure or need help - please get in touch! 

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