Great Oaks (Year 2)

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Mrs Hutchinson 

Class Teacher

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Mrs Bolton

Class Teacher

Welcome to Great Oaks Class! The class teachers are Mrs Hutchinson (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and Mrs Bolton (Thursday and Friday) and the Teaching Assistant is Mrs Judd. Mrs Whiteley and Mrs Perrin also work in Great Oaks.

The Great Oaks Class Charter 

In Great Oaks the learning is fair, fun and exciting. 

We respect and encourage everyone to be the best versions of themselves. 

We enjoy the challenges we face and know that making mistakes is just a part of learning. 

We look for ways to help one another and always try our best. 

We are Great Oaks Class 2021. 


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Mrs Whiteley

Cover Supervisor

Mrs Judd
Teaching Assistant

Mrs Perrin
Teaching Assistant