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Parking Around School

Parking around schools is always an issue and one that we want to work closely with parents and the community to support. 

There is little parking in Ripponden, so we encourage, where possible, that people walk to school - you can also work towards your active travel badges by doing so! 

Where families live further out, we ask that you think carefully about where  you park and that you are courteous and respectful of our neighbours. The Bungalows to the right of the school are homes for our more senior residents and as such, access may be needed at all times. There are also hatched markings and signage saying no parking, so please do not park in Greenacres' carpark. In addition to this, please don't park on road corners or blocking other people's drives, as I have become aware that this can be an issue on Brig Royd and Lower Brig Royd.

This is a community school, in the heart of our lovely village, and as such we need to work together on this. 

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