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Saplings (Year 1)

Mel Gilmartin.jpg

Ms Gilmartin
Class Teacher

Mrs Coneron
Teaching Assistant

Mrs Whiteley
Cover Supervisor

Welcome to Saplings Class! The class teacher is Ms Gilmartin and the Teaching Assistants are Mrs Whiteley and Mrs Coneron. Mrs Blair and Miss Dean also work in Saplings. 

Saplings is open from 8.40am and the end of the school day is 3.10pm. This is 32.5 hours per week. 

In Saplings we...

Listen to our teachers

Look after our toys and equipment and put them away

Tidy up quietly

Push chairs in

Use the red band to go to the toilet

Be kind and gentle to everyone

Do our best every day!


Mrs Blair
Teaching Assistant

Miss Dean
Teaching Assistant

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